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Self-Regulation Tools for the Therapist is a must watch.

"Self-Regulation tools for the Therapist is a must watch for any therapist who wants to learn approachable ways to incorporate more somatic techniques into their practice, or for movement professionals who want to know more about the link between movement and nervous system regulation. It's packed with information that is super easy to digest and start practicing. Jane and Jenn do a fantastic job of demonstrating that movements don't need to be big, complex and sweaty in order to be effective when it comes to regulation. If you've ever thought that you could never incorporate movement into your practice because it would be "too much" or too awkward for you or your clients, this webinar will help you to see that's not true!"

Jay Fields

Somatic Educator and Coach


Self-Regulation Tools for the Therapist was a game changer.

"As a trauma coach and a partner to an individual with complex trauma, I can professionally and personally attest to the amazing effectiveness of the tools presented in this series. As with other RYW programs, Jane and Jenn use simple tools that don't require a big investment of dollar or space. These tools can be carried with you and used in the privacy of your workspace. I love that the tools bring a sense of playfulness to what is often heavy subject matter. Thank you, Jane and Jenn for your innovative and inspiring work!"

Heather Tuba

founder, Heather Tuba Trauma-Informed Coaching & Support Services for Partners


Tools that I will carry with me for life.

"Jane has given me a profound new depth of my understanding of the mind-body connection. Recovering Your Warrior is a safe and compassionate place to learn practical tools in dealing with every day stress and trauma triggers. Tools that are incredibly simple and easy to execute. Tools that I will carry with me for a lifetime. Jane's big heart and wealth of knowledge is truly a gift to humankind." 

Rachel Matthews Burton


Physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

"I found the webinar series perfect for where I am at these days in many ways; physically (inspiring me to get off my ass!); emotionally (recognize when I am triggered, pausing to feel it, and making conscious choices about my responses rather than reacting - or flipping my lid!); and spiritually (i.e. purpose/mission)".

Julie Dawn Smith, PhD


Learned how to help myself.

"I learned so much about my nervous system health and ways to help myself. So informative and so very important."



Great for all stages of life.

"What Jane has to offer is very inclusive for people in all stages of life and/or recovery."



Changed my life forever.

“Jane is an amazing healer and bad-ass warrior!! The Recover Your Warrior series has changed my life forever and left me with all the necessary tools to combat stress and trauma in my daily living. Thank you!” 



Loved the webinar format.

“I loved the webinar format. I was able to follow the program at my own pace based on my current life situation and take the time to absorb the information before moving on. Also, knowing that I can go back and revisit the information is important to me. I also loved the recommendations of the articles, books, videos. There is nothing in the course that I didn't like. For my first intro it was all good for me.”a

Myriam Pelletier, Movement Therapist